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Students dance perfomance


About the Program

Dance is a transfer program housed in the Communication Arts, Humanities, and Fine Arts division. Transfer programs are for students who plan to continue their education at a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree. Students can take dance courses to fulfill the fine arts requirement for a transfer degree or as part of a plan to major in dance. Many students also take dance courses as electives.

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If You Plan to Transfer

Many students transfer to the University of Illinois, Columbia College, and other schools to further their degrees in dance, dance therapy, or dance education. This program will help students solidify their foundation in dance. It will also be helpful for musical theater majors, physical education teachers, and others who wish to study or teach dance.

Why study at CLC?

CLC’s dance program offers several opportunities to perform and develop your art. Besides two major dance productions in the fall and spring presented by the Prairie Spirits dance troupe, the department plans to participate in the annual American College Dance Festival beginning next year.

In addition to performance opportunities, the dance program offers students a CLC Dance Scholarship, a new work-study position.


Dance Department Classes and Performances

Interview with Therese Crews, dance professor, about Dance programs.