HVAC/R Installation Technician

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HVAC essentials for your career

HVAC/R installer is often the first job many technicians begin their career with. It’s also a great way to gain field experience and learn valuable added skills in HVAC/R. In this two-semester program, you learn how to install residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning systems.

You gain essential HVAC/R skills:

  • replacing an old furnace and/or air conditioning system
  • installing ductwork—includes basic sheet metal fabrication
  • working with refrigerant
  • wiring for HVAC/R systems

All classes start with theory and end with practice. Hands-on labs put what you learned in the classroom into real world practice. Instructors are in the labs, guiding and explaining. Your lab is fully equipped with the tools and equipment you will use and see in the field.

What can you do with a HVAC/R Installation Technician Certificate?

HVAC/R Installation Technician Certificate prepares you to go to work installing systems in residential or light commercial settings. Your credits can be applied toward your associate degree, as well.


  • Earn EPA 608 Certification

    Take a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved certification test to earn Section 608 Technician Certification.
  • Metallica Scholarships

  • WIOA Program

  • Financial Aid/Scholarships Available

    Based on need and/or achievement. Explore ways to pay for college.
  • Career Certificate

    Earn a career certificate in 1 year or less to refine your skills into an in-demand career.
  • Program Length: 2 Years

    Full-time students finish in 2 years.

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Recommended Pathway

This pathway serves as a guide for students to complete the degree or certificate assuming full-time enrollment (registered in 12 or more credit hours per semester) with Semester 1 typically representing a Fall term. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their College and Career Navigator (CCN) to identify coursework that will meet degree requirements based on individual academic goals. For a more inclusive list of course options, see the college catalog.

Icon Key

  • Credit for prior learning available
  • Dual credit options available
  • Global citizenship
  • Online/Virtual options available
  • Course Code Course Title Credits Course Highlights
    CLC 120 2
    HET 110 4
    HET 111 4
    HET 155 1
    HET 190 2
    • Course Code CLC 120
      Course Title
      Credits 2
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code HET 110
      Course Title
      Credits 4
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code HET 111
      Course Title
      Credits 4
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code HET 155
      Course Title
      Credits 1
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code HET 190
      Course Title
      Credits 2
      Course Highlights
  • Course Code Course Title Credits Course Highlights
    HET 130 4
    HET 251 1
    HET 252 4
    • Course Code HET 130
      Course Title
      Credits 4
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code HET 251
      Course Title
      Credits 1
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code HET 252
      Course Title
      Credits 4
      Course Highlights

Total Credit Hours


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HVACR Engineering Technology at CLC

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