How will CLC help me to transfer or get a job?

No matter your choice, we’ll help

Whether your goal is to transfer or get in a job right away, CLC has advisors and career navigators available to guide you.

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Your College & Career Navigator (CCN) is your "go-to person" ready to help you get started at CLC.

Your CCN guides you through the admission process, helps you choose your academic program, enroll in classes and connect you with resources.

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CLC helps you to transfer

Be assured your credits count towards your transfer. Our Academic Success Advisors will guide you through the transfer process, from start to finish. You can transfer to any school you choose!

CLC has Guaranteed Transfer Admission (GTA) partnerships as one of the many options that let you transfer to GTA schools seamlessly when you meet specific criteria.

You also have an option to stay close to Grayslake and get your bachelor’s degree at the University Center.

CLC helps you to get a job

Get ready to shine in your new career. With Career Services Specialists, job fairs and employability skills seminars, you'll have access to the resources you need for your job search:

  • Find job postings through LancerJobLink, CLC's online job site powered by Handshake
  • Participate in job fairs on campus
  • Resume writing and interview prep guidance

What students say about CLC

  • Photo of Riley Pemstein

    Riley Pemstein

    Transfer student

    Transferring is a challenging process, but CLC did a great job making it smooth. The fantastic academic success advisors prioritized me having my schedule right so I had the classes to transfer where I wanted to go.”

    Riley took general education courses at CLC. He then transferred to University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign to study accounting. He now works as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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    Photo of Riley Pemstein
  • Photo of Kamden Kuklinski

    Kamden Kuklinski

    Transfer student

    “CLC was a really good option for me. I think it was the perfect way to go because it was very affordable. The smaller class sizes and community feel definitely made it feel like home.”

    Kamden studied biological sciences at CLC, then transferred to Lake Forest College, where he earned a bachelor's degree in neuroscience. He works at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis doing biomedical research as he prepares for graduate school.

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    Photo of Kamden Kuklinski
  • Za'Tozia Duffie

    Za’Tozia Duffie

    Transfer student

    CLC set the standard for every educational institution I attended afterwards. I don't think I would have been able to grow academically, or even personally, if it wasn't for CLC.”

    Za’Tozia studied communication at CLC. She transferred to Lake Forest College for her bachelor's degree and then to Syracuse University for graduate school.

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    Za'Tozia Duffie
  • Photo of Kenneth Dante

    Kenneth Dantes

    Transfer student

    "It felt like a community because there were actually those teachers that have time for you. During class, I knew I could have that relationship with them."

    Kenneth studied literature at CLC, then transferred to Elmhurst University. While at CLC, he worked on film projects in and around Chicago to gain experience and build his network. He now works in Los Angeles as a background production assistant for major streaming shows.

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    Photo of Kenneth Dante

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