How will CLC help me to transfer or get a job?

No matter your choice, we’ll help

Whether your goal is to transfer or get in a job right away, CLC has advisors and career navigators available to guide you.

Need help?

A College & Career Navigator (CCN) is ready to answer your questions and assist with your application, academic program selection, class enrollment and connecting you with resources as needed, making your journey at CLC smoother.

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CLC helps you to transfer

Be assured your credits count towards your transfer. Our Academic Success Advisors will guide you through the transfer process, from start to finish. You can transfer to any school you choose!

CLC has Guaranteed Transfer Admission (GTA) partnerships as one of the many options that let you transfer to GTA schools seamlessly when you meet specific criteria.

You also have an option to stay close to Grayslake and get your bachelor’s degree at the University Center.

CLC helps you to get a job

Get ready to shine in your new career. With Career Services Specialists, job fairs and employability skills seminars, you'll have access to the resources you need for your job search:

  • Find job postings through LancerJobLink, CLC's online job site powered by Handshake
  • Participate in job fairs on campus
  • Resume writing and interview prep guidance

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How will CLC help me to be successful?

Explore the many free ways we support your personal journey, education and well-being.

How will I balance school with work/life?

CLC focuses on a multi-faceted approach to keep all aspects of your life in equilibrium. We’ll help you make sure you have enough time to do everything you need to tackle in a day.

Who will teach me and where will I learn?

The people and places that make your experience at CLC.

What's it like to be a student at CLC?

On campus or online, there are plenty of ways to get the full college experience.