What's student life like at CLC?

Student life at CLC is more than just classes

On campus or online, there are plenty of ways to get the full college experience. From sports to art shows to like-minded student groups, we have it all for you at CLC. This is where you belong.

Activities for every interest


student organizations


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Student Clubs

Explore your interests! CLC has many student clubs where you can connect with others and grow your knowledge.

Student Government

Make a big difference and build your leadership skills at CLC representing the interests of your fellow students. Get involved with the Student Government Association (SGA) as a student senator.


Play or watch fellow Lancers compete in intercollegiate sports through CLC’s membership in the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference and the National Junior College Athletic Association.


The Chronicle

The Chronicle is your award-winning student-run newspaper publishing stories for the CLC community. This is your opportunity to participate in the newspaper as a staff writer or editor.

DJ for Lancer Radio

Lancer Radio is your chance to get in the booth and play the hits! Tune in to 99.9 FM to hear yourself and other DJs entertain the community.

The Arts

Whether is be music, theatre, dance or the literary or visual arts, let your soul soar at CLC! Join an ensemble group, audition for a production or submit your art for publication or exhibition.

Prairie Voices

Share your creativity through Prairie Voices, an award-winning annual publication of poems, short stories, non-fiction and visual art creations by students at the CLC.


Ways to reset and recharge


advocacy and support groups


health and wellness clinics


modern fitness center


miles of nature trail


acres of turf, prairie,
woodlands, wetlands

Outdoor Oasis

Nature abounds at CLC. Walk trails to clear your mind. Breathe deep in wide-open spaces between classes. Find your center exploring CLC's two farms, apiary and 200 tree species.

Wellness Clinics

Feel whole and cared for during your student journey. Low-cost massage, dental hygiene, fitness training, wellness coaching, and free psychological counseling help you attain physical and mental well-being.

Fitness Center

A healthy body and strong mind go hand-in-hand with academic success. Work out your stress at the fitness center. Play intramural sports like pickleball, basketball or esports. Lift weights. It's free for CLC students.

Support Groups

Take part in vibrant communities. Support and advocate for peers. Whether you're African American, Latinx, LGBTQ+, military or member of another group, you belong at CLC.


Why should you choose CLC...

How will CLC help me to be successful?

Explore the many free ways we support your personal journey, education and well-being.

How will I balance school with work/life?

CLC focuses on a multi-faceted approach to keep all aspects of your life in equilibrium. We’ll help you make sure you have enough time to do everything you need to tackle in a day.

Who will teach me and where will I learn?

The people and places that make your experience at CLC.

How will CLC help me to transfer or get a job?

Whether your goal is to transfer or get in a job right away, CLC has advisors and career navigators available to guide you.